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About Arolco

History Of Arolco Ireland Ltd

The current make up of Arolco Ireland Ltd started as two individual companies and now operate as one organisation.  The two organisations were Maxweld Engineering and Arolco.

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Formally Known as Maxweld Engineering, we have been in the Steel Fabrication business for around 30 years. 
In more recent years our Engineering department have developed and invested heavily in Precision Engineering and we are currently moving into our custom built precision machining facilities with our range of the latest CNC equipment. (View Engineering, Machining)


Arolco are a Specialised Roller Recuperation and Refurbishment business. We recover rubber rollers using a hot vulcanizing process. We also make new rollers to your specification.


Arolco have developed a Polyurethane casting department. We can now refurbish and recover Polyurethane parts which become worn through use. We can use PU to replace other materials that wear a lot. PU has great wearing capacity.

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