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About Arolco

History Of Arolco Ireland Ltd

Arolco has a long history in several departments, the current make up of Arolco Ireland Ltd commenced off as two individual companies, they have operated as one organisation for years and have recently amalgamated under the Arolco brand.  The two organisations were Maxweld Engineering and Arolco.

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Arolco’s Engineering DepartmentArolco logo

Formally Known as Maxweld Engineering, we have been in the steel fabrication business for around 30 years. This has gained ourselves a wide variety of experience throughout several sectors.
In more recent years our Engineering department have developed and invested heavily into precision engineering and we are currently moving into our custom built precision machining facilities with our range of the latest CNC equipment. (View Engineering, Machining)
As well as our purposely built facilities and state of the art equipment, what gives us our most significant competitive edge is our experienced and adept work force, as we have worked for many companies throughout a prodigious range of industries we are infrequently stuck with an engineering challenge.


Arolco additionally has a long history, starting off primarily fixating on the manufacturing and recuperating of rollers, again this applied to a wide range of industries over the years resulting to a development of a wider range of products and services.


Arolco developed a Polyurethane casting department, this extended the capabilities of the roller manufacturing and opened a whole new range of possibilities as they could now cast near enough any product to the specification the customer required. This has expanded well over the years and Arolco now supply quite a few manufacturing companies with Polyurethane products, along with precision products from the engineering department.
The latest development with Polyurethane is our coating, this is applied via a special spray gun and allows us to coat anything with the durable waterproof Polyurethane.

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