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Concrete & Quarrying

Concrete & Quarrying

Arolco have been meeting the desiderata of the concrete and quarrying industry for many years, mainly because of the cost efficacy  turn around times and the great wearing, abrasion DSC01528and impact resistance of our products.

We have had a plenty of prosperity wile working with augers, this is not just applicable to this industry but in general. We custom build augers to the customers specification, repair, maintain them and with our polyurethane products now playing an astronomically immense role in what we can do with them, coating the auger to avoid corrosion and more importantly abrasion. We can also spray the liner or we have cast polyethylene liners which create a snug fit for the auger making it more efficient and evades the auger wearing the liner out.

Some of our Client:

northern crusher sparescreagh concretequinn group



acheston and glover





Some of the Products we manufacture for our clients:

Some of our previous products:

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