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Printing & Packaging Rollers


At Arolco we specialise in several different types of rollers. Each of our rollers are manufactured or refurbished to meet the highest specification.

We are able to produce rollers for Litho, Letterpress, Flexo, Gravure, Webb Offset, Varnishing, Laminating, Rilsan etc. Each of these are made in their own way to the users specification, our workforce take considerable time and effort to ensure each part of the roller is passing inspection.

We are also able to produce Felt Rolls, Wire Rolls, Size Press, Couch, Reel Shells and more.

As we also refurbish rollers it can cut the cost quite a lot for the end party, Each roller has a full evaluation once it reaches our workshop and we are then able to decide on what the roller needs or if a new roller would need manufactured.

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