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Technical Coatings

Technical Coatings

At Arolco we pride ourselves on standard.IMG_0900

With our state of the art facilities we are able to consummate our program to recuperate many items with a technical coating.

This can include non-stick and non-chemical coatings.

Meeting the criteria for food quality assurance standards was one of the most immensely colossal challenges we have surmounted.

To achieve the results with the highest quality we follow a program designed for just this and has many different steps and factors involved.

Industries served:

Food Production Manufacturing  Automotive Medical
Packaging Printing Agricultural 

Chemical Blackening 

This process is dipping the metal into various tanks of different chemicals, the chemicals are absorbed into the metal without any external residue (Compared to Galvanising).

This process protects the metal from corrosion and increases the life span of products while reducing any maintenance efforts.

This process also involves emerging the products in a series of tanks of different chemicals. This turns the metal black and protects the metal from corrosion. Unlike Galvanising there is no external residue as the chemical is absorbed into the metal itself. This is very paramount when I comes to pins or shafts that need to fit into a tight space.

Some of our process below:

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